A simple guide to creating habits for a great year

A new year is here and with that our eagerness to make positive changes in our life too. The best way to do that is not making resolutions, but creating habits that will stick for the long term.

If you want to run a marathon, form the habit of running.

If you want to write a book, form the habit of writing.

If you want to be more mindful, form the habit of meditation.

Of course, saying that is way easier than doing.

Here with this article, I am going to lay out key steps to form habits that will change your life.

Pick A Positive Habit

Instead of starting with quitting a bad habit, find a new positive habit to form. If you want to quit eating junk food, focus instead on creating the habit of eating more vegetables.

Do One At A Time

We all wants to make tons of positive changes which requires multiple habits to change – and all right now! But in my experience, the more habits you do at once, the less likely your chances of success. Trust me on this, doing one habit at a time is the best strategy by far.

Take Small Steps

I have seen people underestimate the importance of this, but along with one step at a time, this is probably the most important thing you need to do to ensure success. Start as small as you can and increase only gradually as long as you stay consistent. Eat a small serving of vegetables for one meal, don’t try to change the entire diet at once.

Set Up Reminders

Don’t let yourself forget! Set up visual reminders around where you want to remember. The thing that trips people up in the starting is remembering to do the habit.

Find Rewards

You won’t stick to any change for long if you hate doing it. Instead, find some pleasure in doing the habit. For example, if you go running, don’t think of it as torture, but as a way to enjoy outdoors, to feel alive.

Consistency Is The Key

The more consistent you are, the better. Resist putting off the habit, and make it your policy to just get started when you have said you will do it, rather than indulging in the old pattern of procrastination.

Review, Adjust, Adapt

Review how you did with your habits at the end of day/week and adjust as needed. If you forget to do the habit, adjust by creating new reminder. If you fall down, keep coming back.

Let’s start this year with a bang.