Which JavaScript framework should I use ?

Till the moment I publish this article there will be one more javascript library ready to make its depute. The libraries are evolving everyday, it is really difficult to decide which one to chose and why?

These are few things I would like to share with world.

  1. Stop looking for the perfect technology stack that you will be able to use from here until you retire. It doesn’t exist.

  2. You don’t have to choose just one JS framework. There’s no genie here saying you get one wish and one wish only. Develop your next project with AngularJS. If you like it, keep developing with it. If you don’t, try another. There is nothing wrong with having each project built with a different set of frameworks. Fact of that matter, that’s going to happen anyway (see my point #1 as to why).

  3. Use AngularJS, knowing full well that, in all likelihood, something better will evolve out of it and, in 5 years, AngularJS will be passe and you’ll abandon it in favor of an even better framework. That’s a good thing - not a bad thing. The use of these frameworks expose their weakness, which allows AngularJS to improve upon itself, or someone else will take the lessons learned from it and build a framework twice as good.

  4. Finally, the more frameworks you use, the greater your perspective and the more flexible your mind becomes, making it quicker and easier to move from one technology stack to another without fear or intimidation.

Frameworks help with some things, but they bring in a bunch of complexity as well. So I’d say don’t use a framework until you know you need it and why you need it. I’ve worked with a bunch of frameworks, and they all have their sweet spots but they’re no silver bullets. You’re better off really understanding JavaScript and the DOM before you start with frameworks because by then you know what the framework gives you, and what you give up by using one. And that information lets you make a better decision.