Great idea, poorly designed

“It has been tried before” is a bad excuse to dismiss a product.

I have said the exact same words many time, but I am convinced that it is a terrible way to dismiss an idea. The reason is that this statement allows you to be way too intellectually lazy. It essentially says “… I just assumed it will not work since others before who tried failed.”

The whole point of above paragraph is that it is not necessary you will fail too if other have failed before. May be the idea was great, and have got potential but the previous implementation was poor.

Implementation is hard, designing is even harder.

There are always constraints, trade-offs, and choosing which one to hold to is extremely difficult specially when you don’t have a lot of time. Besides that you have got plenty of people urging you to go faster.

Great design takes time

Sometimes it takes looking at an existing market and redesigning it right. The entire Apple product line is a testament to this. MP3 players existed before the iPod. Mobile phones existed before the iPhone. Apple is never first into a market, they are always late. They come in with great design and get an immediate foothold.

Apple is just one example. There are plenty of examples in every field.

Rethink and revise. Do not be afraid to seize what you have and cut it to ribbons. A Good design means good revising.

Hemingway rewrote the ending to A Farewell to Arms 39 times. When asked about how he achieved his great works, he said, “I write 99 pages of crap for every one page of masterpiece.” He has also been quoted as saying “the first draft of anything is shit.”