Hello World! Shifted to Github Pages

I always loved Wordpress as a blogging platform because of its flexibility. But it was way too complex for the kind of blog I wanted i.e. a simple blog where I can share my thoughts and nothing else. Here I am after shifting my blog to Github pages.


The main benefit of GitHub Pages is ease of collaboration. Changes you make in the repository are automatically synced, so if your site’s hosted on GitHub, it’s as up-to-date as your GitHub repository. This really appeals to me because when I just want to quickly get something set up, I don’t want to mess around with hosting; and when people submit a pull request, I want that change to be visible as soon as I merge it without having to set up web hooks.

The process of backing up Wordpress is a huge pain. I was annoyed constantly installing security updates. I hated having to keep an opaque database in order to keep all of my content. And whenever I went in to edit my website, I was always afraid that I would fat-finger change something and have no idea what happened.

Finally, Jekyll is very lightweight and allows for very minimal websites without any bloat.